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Evidence of unlawful proceedings conducted
by those currently involved in the delivery of justice









(A).   (B).   (C).

By Elias & Others
Pages: 1 - 3
  By Moore-Bick & Elias Pages: 1-4   (Caroline Featherston
(Solicitor) assisting









Diane Abbott (Shadow
Home Secretary)
Bindmans Solicitors
in their claim that
there is no Law in
this country which
allows anyone to sue
for false advice




Letters to Former
(Prime Minister)
David Cameron, 
Copy sent to Current
Prime Minister
Theresa May








(G).   (H).   (I).

Independent Medical Report Confirming that my son dies needlessly   Mahmood & Co
Confirming that the
hospital could be sued
for false advice
  Legal-Aid-board, letter
 to my former MP
Tessa Jowell confirming
transfer of certificate



(J).   (K).   (L).

High Court Of Justice
Writ issued against
Bindman & Partners
Solicitors & Others

British Legal Association
confirming the severity
of any potential
judicial corruption

  Royal Courts Of Justice
Reply from the office of
the Lord Chief Justice
Re: Justice Toulson



(M).   (N).   (O).

Croydon Crown Court
Judge's summing up
unlawful trial
  Court Of Appeal
Criminal Division
Decision of Single Judge
on application of appeal
against wrongful,
  Court of Appeal
Criminal Appeal Office
Renewed application
against wrongful



(P).   (Q).   (R).


Lord Chief Justice
Perverting the due
course of justice


10 Downing Street


(Prime Minister)




(S).   (T).    


Letter's from
Buckingham Palace


Section 8
Human-Rights Act 1998



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