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A Parent's Worst Nightmare - Death Of A Child





Prince Anthony Grant, Killed by the State
 3rd September 1994

Fifteen months old Prince was kept in casualty for nearly five hours without fluid because a senior doctor disagreed with a
junior doctor and refused to admit the baby to a ward.

He Later collapsed and died from dehydration whilst they were frantically trying to prepare him for a drip.

We were later told by the head of paediatrics, Professor Price that people of Asian and African Origin are of a disadvantage because it's a lot harder to find our veins.

In a very cruel and wicked attempt to cover up the horrific circumstances leading up to Prince's death, the judiciary along with Kings College Hospital, the Met Police, leading law firms such as Bindmans 7 Partners,
Reynold Porter Chamberlain, fisher Meredith and many others deliberately set out to pervert and obstruct the due course of justice, with the conspired silence of
the media, all the above are GUILTY of Kidnap, False Imprisonment, Robbery and a denial of access to court.

The Judiciary have become lawbreakers and cannot continue to sit in judgement of others or of its own criminal activity, it no longer commands the moral or legal authority to judge others...




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